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Green footprints

Introduction by Dagfinn Høybråten,
Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Green footprints that endure
Five years ago, the Nordic prime ministers launched an initiative with the vision of making the Nordic Region the world’s leading region for green growth. The footprints of this vision can still be seen today in the daily co-operation between the countries – in their economic growth on environmentally friendly terms and the sustainable development that have become part of our Nordic DNA.

The overall aim of the initiative was to increase green growth in the region, to improve co-ordination between the countries, and to take the lead in relation to developments in the EU. In this edition of “Green Growth the Nordic Way”, we take a look at the results.

The initiative is leaving many footprints, not only within the Nordic Region but around the world as well. One example of this global reach is the new research into fossil fuel subsidies, which provided a valuable input into the international climate change negotiations in Paris in 2015.

Continuation of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ green initiatives will follow. At the time of writing, the prime ministers are preparing a new initiative in which sustainable growth solutions play a key role. More on this will follow in November, but until then I hope this edition of “Green Growth the Nordic Way” offers some inspiration.

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Dagfinn Høybråten
Secretary-General, Nordic Council of Ministers

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