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November 2017

Focus on Nordic
Climate Solutions

Welcome to Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way, formerly known as Green Growth the Nordic Way. With a new, more reader-friendly, layout, the theme of this edition of the online magazine is Nordic Climate Solutions.

The magazine retains its focus on the green transition and sustainable solutions, but the new name reflects that Nordic co-operation is increasingly working towards the global sustainability goals. Ambitious action plans on climate are a key feature of joint Nordic work to fulfil Agenda 2030.

In the feature articles you can read about how the Nordic countries are working to steer savings generated by fossil fuel subsidy reform into promoting sustainable energy, and about Nordic energy solutions that will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions of heavy industry.

The Nordics will be hosting a joint pavilion at the UN climate summit, COP23 in Bonn, Germany on 6-17 November, where you can join the debate on Nordic climate solutions. In the meantime, let us provide you with an inspirational read.

Dagfinn Høybråten,
Secretary-General of
the Nordic Council of Ministers