nordic energy solutions

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Nordic energy solutions

Introduction by Dagfinn Høybråten,
Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Energy is at the heart of the climate challenge
Energy policy, renewables and sustainable energy are key factors when it comes to solving the climate crisis. The way we organize our energy supply is vital to how we meet the challenges ahead and in the joint statement from the US-Nordic Leaders’ Summit in May, it was stressed that “the United States and the Nordic countries acknowledge the foundational role energy plays in our economies and that energy security is key for overall security”.

The Nordic countries were the first to decouple economic growth and climate emissions, showing a way to a more sustainable economy. In terms of integrating renewables in our electricity production, we are also already now where the International Energy Agency says the world needs to be in 2040 to stay below the two degree target set by the Paris Agreement.

In this issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way”, you can read about the new edition of the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives done by Nordic Energy Research in cooperation with the International Energy Agency. It outlines paths towards a carbon free Nordic economy by 2050, a realistic goal according to the IEA.

In another analytic endeavor, former Nokia executive director Jorma Ollila has been commissioned with exploring parts of this task. In 2017 he will publish a report analyzing the Nordic energy cooperation, already the most integrated in the world, but no doubt with room for improvement.

Read more about Ollilas exciting task as well as the NETP 2016
in this edition of our web magazine, I hope it will be an
energizing read.

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Dagfinn Høybråten
Secretary-General, Nordic Council of Ministers

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nordic energy co-operation

Former Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila to lay the foundation for future Nordic energy co-operation

Renowned for their regional co-operation on energy, a sophisticated joint electricity market, and a profound and consistent commitment to renewable energy, the Nordic countries are now considering the future of their energy co-operation. The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned former Nokia executive Jorma Ollila to carry out a strategic review of the co-operation and identify which collaborative measures should be initiated over the next five to ten years to strengthen co-operation on energy policy.

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New pathways towards a carbon-neutral Nordic energy system

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and Nordic Energy Research launched Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 in Stockholm on the 23rd of May. The product of extensive research collaboration between IEA analysts and researchers from the five Nordic countries, the report presents a technological and economic pathway towards a carbon-neutral energy system in 2050. Electricity generation in the region is already 87% carbon-free, but transport and heavy industry represent greater challenges.

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