Archive 2013:

Multiple benefits of reducing food waste in the Nordic region

About one third of all food for human consumption in the world – amounting to a staggering 1,3 billion tons – is wasted every year. Reducing food waste at all stages of the food value chain holds out considerable social, environmental and economic potential, which is why the Nordic Prime Ministers have decided to focus more closely on the issue.

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New methods for recycling plastic and textile waste

One of today’s most pressing environmental issues is the increase in materials use and waste generation. Finding new methods to process waste and utilise it as a resource is among the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth priorities, and a new initiative, Resource Efficient Recycling of Plastic and Textile Waste, has just been launched. The objective is to develop Nordic waste collection and waste treatment methods, as well as new business models that contribute to green growth and can be exported to the rest of the world.

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