Archive 2014:

NordBio – Sustainable production and use of biological resources

Bioeconomy will be at the centre of Nordic cooperation in 2014. NordBio, the largest of three programmes under Iceland’s chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers, is aimed at optimising utilisation of biological resources and minimising waste, thus bolstering the Nordic bioeconomy. Special attention will be given to ways in which the transformation to a sustainable bioeconomy, combined with a strong element of environmental protection, can drive local and rural development.

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Sustainable transport is a key element of the future welfare society

The Nordic Energy & Transport programme is nearing completion. Twelve projects have involved research into various aspects of electric transportation and sustainable freight transportation in the region. The objective has been to pave way for the sustainable transport systems of the future, whether by developing and testing new technologies, expanding infrastructure or analysing political framework, environmental benefits and future traffic scenarios.

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