Archive 2014:

The consumers of the future battle it out in the “Great Nordic Climate Challenge”

Nordic schoolchildren now have the opportunity to compete on their ability to save, electricity, heating and water, in the “Great Nordic Climate Challenge” promoted by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The challenge, which is based on a new educational platform, will be launched on Nordic Climate Day, 11 November 2014.

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Aiming higher and further – sustainability in education

Education is a natural platform for increasing awareness of the need for sustainable development and thus one of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth priorities. Read about benchmarking of sustainability performance in Nordic higher education institutions and a pilot on further education for sustainable development.

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Biophilia sparks children’s interest in nature, science and music

The Biophilia multimedia universe, created by Björk, has been developed into an inspiring educational programme that uses creativity to spark children’s interest in the sciences and music. It is being implemented in a range of Nordic schools as part of NordBio, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ bioeconomy initiative.

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