Archive 2015:

Challenging deployment of renewables in the North Atlantic

Stable and reliable energy supply is a major challenge in some of the sparsely populated areas in the North Atlantic region. While nearly all electricity in Iceland derives from renewables, many other remote communities in the region are heavily dependent on fossil fuels for electricity production. Introducing more renewable energy in these areas requires energy storage solutions and better connections between power grids.

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Growth in the blue bioeconomy of the North

The communities in the North Atlantic region are all characterised by their dependency on fisheries and other marine resources as a source of food, employment and export income. Innovative and sustainable use of these resources is at the core of a new flagship project, Growth in Blue Bioeconomy in the Northeast Atlantic and Arctic. The project, which is led by the Faroe Islands, is part of the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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North Atlantic region addresses sustainable transport

Due to the remoteness of the North Atlantic region, a well-functioning transport network is a vital component for exports and economic growth. Better infrastructures, connectivity to the surrounding regions, and sustainable transport systems on land and on sea are among the strategic priorities for the Nordic Atlantic Cooperation, NORA.

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