Archive 2015:

Nordic countries play their part in reducing global food waste

The effort to reduce global food losses and food waste must encompass all parts of the food supply chain, from primary production to retail and consumption. In 2013, the Nordic Council of Ministers launched three projects on food waste, which have looked into resource efficiency in primary production, date-labelling practices and the redistribution of surplus food.

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Nordic strategy aspires to double the collection of textiles for reuse and recycling

A new strategy for increased reuse and recycling of textiles in the Nordic Region has just been introduced. It addresses all aspects of the textile sector, from producer responsibility and common quality requirements for collection and sorting, to recycling infrastructure and business models based on collective use and reuse. If fully implemented, the strategy could double the separate collection of textiles and create thousands of jobs in reuse and recycling.

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Nordic collaboration presents measures to improve plastic recycling rates

700,000 tons of plastic is incinerated or landfilled with other household waste in the Nordics each year. Collecting and recycling this plastic in new products would be highly beneficial, both from economic and environmental perspectives. Nordic experts have presented measures to increase recycling rates of plastic from households, suggested improvements to sorting of plastic at recycling centres, and identified potentials for enhanced recycling of electronic waste.

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