Archive 2016:

Green bonds attract private capital to climate action

Under the COP21 Paris Agreement, developed countries are urged to raise the bar for climate financing. The goal is to provide USD 100 billion annually by 2020 to support climate action in developing countries. Nordic financial institutions and climate experts have been a driving force behind the rapidly expanding green bond market, which will be instrumental in attracting private sector climate funding. The Nordic Governments and Nordic Investment Bank are committed to activating private capital in the battle against climate change.

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Parliamentarians to hold governments accountable for COP21 climate commitments

Nordic parliamentarians describe the climate agreement adopted by 195 countries at the Paris Climate Change Conference as the best possible outcome of the international climate negotiations. It is now up to parliamentarians around the world to ensure that each country lives up to its climate commitments, but also to take more drastic regulatory measures to limit the average global temperature rise. The Nordic Council has opted to to serve as a platform for increased co-operation between the Nordic parliaments

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