Archive 2017:

Public sector to use its spending power to promote circularity

With green public procurement becoming more and more commonplace, greater emphasis on circularity in procurement strategies could yield additional benefits. The Nordic Council of Ministers recently released two publications that address how the public sector could use its purchasing power to promote circular production and consumption patterns: the report Circular Public Procurement in the Nordic Countries and a guide to the green procurement of textiles in the healthcare sector.

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Circular bioeconomy could revolutionise textile production

The Nordic Council of Ministers has identified the circular bioeconomy as a key component of a more sustainable textile industry. Replacing current materials with sustainable biomaterials, such as fish skin and wood-based cellulose fibres, could revolutionise the textile industry. One of the Council of Ministers’ key bioeconomy objectives is to make higher value products from the available biomass.

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Transition towards circular economy – a major systemic change

Moving away from an extractive and linear economic system towards a regenerative and sustainable circular economy requires a fundamental change to the global economic system. Production and consumption must become more resource-efficient, and it is up to policy makers to create the right conditions in which a circular economy can thrive. These were some of […]

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