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Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way
WEB MAGAZINE - November 2017

Could we use more food waste for energy?

The study is based on the objectives in the Nordic countries’ climate policies, i.e. increasing the use of renewable energy and improving the handling of waste. It also builds on the principles of waste hierarchy, first to prevent, reuse and recycle waste, and then to increase the use of food waste for energy.

How much food waste is currently being generated in the Nordic countries and how is it used?
The study looks to answer these questions, while also looking for possible waste sources and technology routes to increase the use of food waste as energy, particularly in the transport sector.
The study will also identify the main contributors and barriers for increasing the use of food waste as an energy source, and how Nordic collaboration can contribute to the process.

The project, initiated by parliamentarians in the Nordic Council and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, will provide a basis for decision-making for both politicians and industrial parties.

More info at the Nordic Energy Research website