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Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way
WEB MAGAZINE - February 2018

Nordic Council to acknowledge initiatives protecting life below water

Nominations are now open for the Nordic Council Environment Prize, which this year is highlighting initiatives that protect marine life regionally or globally. With the Nordic Council Environment Prize, the Nordic co-operation aims to showcase and promote the best and most innovative initiatives that support and manifest the political agenda for the work on the environment, climate and sustainability in the Nordic region.

“The Nordic region is a living laboratory for green solutions. The Nordic countries drive progressive sustainability agendas, both individually and within the Nordic co-operation. Policies in the region support the business sector’s focus on green growth and are accelerated by the willingness of the population to contribute to the development,” says Cilia Holmes Indahl, Director Sustainability, Aker BioMarine, and chair of the Adjudication Committee.

“When it comes to the sea and SDG 14 on life below water, it is particularly significant to the Nordic Region. The sea connects all the Nordic countries, many of our most important resources come from it and we have a large shipping industry, so it is in our interests to protect the seas. It is also our responsibility.”

Anybody can submit nominations 

The deadline for nominations is Monday 14 May 2018, and anybody can submit nominations. The winner will be announced in Oslo on 30 October 2018 during the Session of the Nordic Council.

The prize is awarded to a Nordic company, organisation, or individual that has integrated respect for the environment into its business or work in an exemplary manner, or that has made an extraordinarily positive contribution to the environment in some other way. The winner must have a Nordic perspective and operate in the Nordic Region, and/or in relation to parties outside the Nordic Region.

2017 winner: RePack

The Environment Prize 2017, focusing on innovations for a waste-free society, was awarded to the Finnish company RePack for its reusable packaging and returnable system for e-commerce.

“While the Adjudication Committee remains critical of the general tendency toward higher levels of consumption, it notes with satisfaction that the product turns the environment into a business opportunity, using accessible and innovative techniques to draw attention to opportunities for reuse and highlight the unnecessary use of resources and generation of waste,” the Adjudication Committee stated in 2017.

“The Nordic Region is renowned as a hotbed for environmentally sound solutions, so it’s a fantastic recognition to be awarded this international environment prize. Hopefully, the prize will help boost demand for reusable packaging in e-commerce,” says Jonne Hellgren, CEO of RePack.


Photo 1: Ant Rozetsky/Unsplash

Photo 2: Magnus Froderberg/