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Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way
WEB MAGAZINE - November 2017

Swan Ecolabel and the circular economy

"The Swan Ecolabel is very well-known in the Nordic countries and is respected by consumers. It’s an existing tool that could be used to direct consumption, and product development and production, in the desired direction, so it’s suitable for promoting a circular economy,"

says researcher Johanna Suikkanen
at the Finnish Environment Institute.

The research shows that the criteria already include requirements for durability, the use of recycled material, and recycling. When updating the criteria, more circular economy principles could be incorporated through tougher requirements on durability and other requirements that extend product service life, such as warranties, reparability, availability of spare parts, recyclability of materials and components, and possibilities for reuse

The project also examines how the Swan Ecolabel could apply new information from the EU environmental footprint method, thereby strengthening the competitive edge for eco-products. The European Commission is currently developing methods for measuring the lifecycle environmental impact of products, and for improving comparability.

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