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Listen, reflect, and then act

The COP24 climate conference in Katowice is all about international dialogue to take stock of the climate efforts and actions around the world to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. At the Nordic Pavilion, the Nordic Council of Ministers is introducing the concept of Keynote Listeners, to inspire a more dynamic dialogue about what needs to be done.

This issue of Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way presents some our thoughts, actions and key players that aim to contribute to the common goals. Each day of the COP24 conference, the Nordic Pavilion is addressing a key aspect of the transition to a low-carbon society.

Our aim is to initiate dialogue that goes beyond the boundaries of COP24 and translates into new ideas, new networks, more cooperation, and climate action in the home countries of those attending.

We have specially invited Keynote Listeners that will reflect on the debate and sum up some of the most important issues discussed during the day.

We want to challenge the classic conference setup, which often includes too many rehearsed and generic talking points from keynote speakers, instead of context-specific reflections. Our aim is to engage people in a more reflective and solution-oriented debate about the complex issues of climate change.

The global community must ask the right questions about climate change if it is to find the right answers. Here, listening to different viewpoints from around the world is vital.

Dealing with climate change requires us all to listen, reflect on what can be done, and then act.